TK Investments

Shaping the horizon

of capitalism model

A new generation of entrepreneurs implements bold, visionary and successful projects using new technologies and knowledge to make daily life easier for billions of people around the world.
Doing this, they remember about the value of human relationships and treat money as a pleasant side effect of their achievements. We are witnessing the archetype of a ruthless capitalist becoming a relic of the past.
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The road to success is always under construction / unknown
A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business /Henry Ford
The best way to predict future is to create it /Peter Drucker

Poznań, 16 January 2017

We are the fund of future

TK Investments started its business in 2013 as a family investment company, which through its unique business philosophy introduces a new quality of funding and supporting business ventures.

What makes us stand out is the approach that, instead of undertaking so common speculative investment games, we use our entrepreneurial propensity to build sustainable, profitable and socially beneficial organizations, which give their owners a regular income.

However, not the money is our greatest asset, but the values in which we strongly believe, and which influence each of our projects, making a significant contribution to building strategy of companies.

If our approach is attractive to you, and you are seeking funding for your company or idea, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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  • Royals App

    Royals App is the world's first mobile social game for classy people.

    The aim of the game is to achieve the highest possible level and join the elite. Thanks to the App, users can make new relationships and have the opportunity to join the elite community of people who manage to reach the Royals level. The Royals App is a dating category app, but mainly it is an engaging game that rewards the most active users.
    Royals App is a mobile game for the IOS operating system, which is on the market since November 2017 and can now boast of higher-than-market indicators; DUA, MUA and retention Indicators. Plans for 2018 include mainly scaling the application by developing a game for the Android operating system and launching in new markets and focusing on monetization.
    • Industry: Mobile Apps
    • Location: Poznan, Poland
    • Shares held: 99,00%
  • Eduinvest Sp. z o.o.

    Training and consultancy. From the best for the best .

    We constitute the only company on the market that uses the latest methods and advanced training tools, and works with the best professionals in the country and the world to deliver a unique, practical and innovative knowledge and skills to exploit the opportunities offered by the internet in their daily activities .To achieve this, we join forces with our clients by giving them unique knowledge and the largest experience on the market.
    Together we contribute to the progress which, in effect, turns into mutual success. This unique approach is the reason for the lack of appropriate counterparts to our services. We become an integral part of the companies we work for. We identify with the objectives and help to resolve any issues related to their achievement. Our motto is education in business class. We do not accept half measures, which is reflected in the price of our services. As an esteemed chef in a good restaurant cares about the quality of the ingredients, we never allow the serving of stale knowledge.
    • Industry: Training and consultancy : e-commerce, social media, internet marketing
    • Location: Czestochowa, Poland
    • Shares held: 99,00%
  • K2 Internet S.A.

    We are the largest interactive agency in Poland.

    K2 Internet Capital Group within several subsidiaries currently employs nearly 300 people, making us one of the largest, if not the largest organization of its kind in Poland. Under one roof we gather graduates of technical schools and business, psychologists, sociologists, and those who have graduated from the academy of fine arts. All this in order to face the most difficult challenges encountered by our customers.
    K2 agency is the most recognized , the largest, and most successful interactive business communication company in Poland. K2 Media is the only company on the market which, apart from the full range of planning and purchase of on-line media and SEM / SEO services, has its own technological solutions for affiliate campaigns and e-mail marketing.

    Our ambition is to develop the Polish intellectual capital. Both of our project's non-core services (Audioteka and Oktawave) are based on unique technological solutions.
    • Industry: Marketing services
    • Location: Warsaw, Poland
    • Shares held: 2,74%

    More than accounting.

    We have set up a book-keeping and accounting office because, while running numerous trade and service companies we needed reliable accounting services.

    We have not managed to find on the market such a service level which would satisfy us; therefore, we took the matters in our own hands. Our business contacts began to signal us that they needed support in the field of accounting, since the service they had was unsatisfactory. We offered to help them and take over the accounting and financial consulting by our company.
    This is how Beltro, which so far has supported several affiliated companies and business entities, became a thriving business. The reason for such a development is that in all our ventures we believe that good relations with the client, good service, and, first of all, high quality of service enable to gain considerable growth.
    • Location: Czestochowa, Poland
    • Industry: Financial management, modern accounting
    • Shares held: 82%

    We’re changing the offline services market by making online tools available.

    Utilizing modern technology and rich experience of our team, we’re creating the best and the most popular websites facilitating the search for services in your area. Thanks to us users can not only easily and quickly find the services they need (such as a car repair shop or a beauty salon), but also verify their credibility, acquaint with opinions of other clients, as well as - what’s most important - arrange for a visit online.
    The number of visits to websites belonging to is already counted in millions, but only in the years 2018-2019 a dynamic growth of the company is expected.

    More than a family holiday.

    Currently, PZO Spychowo owns the resort "Na Cyplu", which on the surface of 3.5 ha has 64 caottages and 220 beds.
    The largest current asset of the resort is its location and unique world of protected nature around him.

    The investment will transform the resort into a model Case Study of revitalization, resulting in the creation of new quality while respecting the beauty and surrounding, unique wildlife. The planned end of the investments is 2020.
    • Industry: Tourism
    • Location: Spychowski Piec, Poland
    • Shares held: 91,19%

    We are a group of hyper-enthusiasts of marketing communications.

    We operate within the scope of three agencies, developing ideas which create positive hype for the brands of our customers.

    We specialise in social media, visual identification and creative marketing solutions. Three areas of activity, three agencies, unlimited creative concepts and ideas which drive consumer involvement with the speed of hyperspace!
    Our aim consists in creating positive hype for the brands which are in our control.

    Within the scope of the social media agency, we listen to our customers and get them involved in our story. At the branding agency, we design brand presence in the minds and hearts of your customers, while in the marketing agency, we promote, create and resolve; meaning we do everything your challenge requires to be done.

    We are hyperspace. Hyperspace, period!

    Speaker House is a project which goes beyond the current standards relating to public speaking.

    We have created the only company on the Polish market which cooperates with the most influential entities, competent speakers who are recognised in Poland and worldwide, while delivering unmatched quality in providing knowledge and inspiration, and assuring the highest comfort of cooperation with our partners.
    We support event managers, event planners, project managers, marketing managers or professionals involved in event-related undertakings, from the point of selecting the speakers for a dedicated event, to the final applause of its participants. We also offer comprehensive concierge services during the event and appearance of our speaker because for us, comfort is the most important aspect.

    Our speakers include influential personalities, inspiring characters and authorities in many fields, such as finance, law, marketing, sales and high-tech.

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